How W.A.G.E. Works

"We were all born to be a WINNER, but you must plan to win, prepare to win, take action to win, and expect to win"

It’s time to take your game to its highest level. This membership is all about you.

WAGE is a 1-year program. Your investment is only $314 semi-annually and will be billed every 6 months ($628 for the year). At the end of 1-year, you will be a WAGE Master and be a consistent casino winner in 1 or more of the 4 major table games. You will be in the top 1% of professional gamblers. You will receive a graduation certificate “Certificate of Completion”, completing your course with high honors. Going from just a player to a consistent winner. If you would like to renew your yearly membership, it will be only $299.

If after the first 6 months you do not see the value as “Awesome” you can quit any time you want.

With WAGE comes my 100% performance guarantee.

WAGE is a series-based program and will include the 4 major casino table games (Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette) and will include access to GPSports Betting while receiving 5-star coaching every time. Your skill level, clarity, and confidence will reach new highs. You will now have the advantage.

It Feels Good to Win!

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