What others are saying about Tony Leo

"The true measure of my success comes from what my student's say. I'm proud of my reputation and the positive impact I have had on the success of my students, and now friends."

“I have progressed from $25 units to $100 units playing Black Belt Baccarat and I am currently averaging a profit of $1000 per day (About 1 hour). And this is without qualifying tables or anything at all tedious. I’m just playing according to the rules. Playing Black Belt Baccarat is now simple, fun and best of all, a real money maker.”

Rachel – Detroit, MI

“I heard of Tony Leo while playing Craps from a gentleman in Foxwoods. I contacted Tony, after a short conversation I purchased his course. So far, I’ve won the first 13 times I played and look to be a consistent winner. His approach to the game is awesome and suits my style of play.”

D.H – Portland, Maine

“This is unbelievable!!! I just won $2000 in two hours playing in Shreveport, Louisiana. There’s no question making $100,000 per year is very feasible.”

Reed J – Abilene, TX

“If you have ever wanted to play green, black, or purple chips on a regular basis you now have a method that will make it possible. Love Tony Leo and his crew”.

Eddie G – Los Angeles, CA

Through the years, I have come into contact with a lot of people and quite frankly, very few mean much to me. You are above the rare, precious few. I have found you to be honest, very considerate, helpful, and most gracious. Goodness is a very powerful force and not easily found in this day and age. I consider you a true friend.

Natalie – Connecticut

No more guessing, no more hoping I win, this is real life. I am so grateful for all your help. I’m up $11,000 so far in the last 7 months. That averages $1571 per month.

Danny – Chicago

Never thought I would play any other game but Craps. Now, I’m playing all of them. It’s amazing! Now I know the importance of having that 2nd game in your toolbox. It gives me more profit at the end of the month. Thanks Tony.

Amber - Tampa, FL

Tony, I have been your student for over 20 years. Since then, anytime I needed to call you for anything, you have always been there for me. You are a professional and I enjoy doing business with you.

George T - New Jersey

I have been playing stadium Roulette and Baccarat every day for the last 20 days and I’m averaging $55 for about 1 hour of play per day. That’s $1500 profit. That’s money I never would have had until I took your courses. Tony, you’re the real deal and so happy I met you.

Greg B - Cleveland, OH

The ease and profitability playing New Age Blackjack is truly amazing. My live play in the casino nets me about $1000 per week and my online play nets me another $1000 for the month. Not a bad side hustle for a retiree (74 yrs old) Keep it up.

Martin J - Jackson, MS

I never looked at Roulette as being an easy game to beat, but it is as long as you make the right bets, and you have the discipline to quit when your ahead. Playing Winning Roulette is simple, fun, and a real money maker. I love it.

Tim G - Del Rio, TX

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