What’s In It For You

Before I leave my house to go to the casino, I know my exact plan of attack. I have the methods I'll use, I have my bankroll in my pocket, and I've got my head right. Hit it & get it!

WAGE is designed to fast track your success. This membership is exclusive, and all about you. My goal and passion is to create consistent winners in the casino.

There is no guesswork of any kind. You will learn all my winning methods and the exact “Blueprint” to follow. You will be getting the “Icing” on the cake. We will reduce your learning curve and reduce your losses. Whatever it takes will be more than justified by the end “Results”.

Here’s what’s included with your 1-year membership, I call it “The Results Package”.

  • Exclusive training with Tony Leo, the Gaming Pro. Only 100 members will be invited to join at the current membership rate.
  • Instant access to the WAGE video vault. New videos added every month (currently we have 43). This is where the “icing” is and all the “secrets” that will put you on the plus side.
  • Follow and play online with The Gaming Pro. Earn $1-$10 per minute from the comfort of your own home. 
  • Unlimited private FB meetings with Q&A and unlimited 5-star coaching calls (one-on-one with Tony).
  • “Free” workshops (normally 2 or 3 per year). You can see past workshops on my YouTube channel.
  • GP Sports Betting – Follow your favorite sports and pick more winners then the “pros”.
  • Unlimited support, private downloadable & colored PDF resources that will take your game to a new level of winning.
  • The best Gambling & Success newsletter since 1990.
  • Private members-only Facebook group. Your own tribe, a shared interest, and a way to share, communicate and hang out. Tips & strategies from the “inside”.

Surround yourself with like-minded players who all want the same ultimate goal of winning.

You are not just going to get the training, you will be pushed and held accountable for getting real “results”. You will have a clear goal and plan to get there.

WAGE personalizes your learning experience based on what you need and will help you set achievable targets. Action = Results

There’s another level waiting for you, you just haven’t seen it yet!

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